Transforming our world
through nonviolent action
Leadership Training

Students for a Free Tibet’s leadership training program combines education in the history, philosophy, strategy and tactics of nonviolent social change with concrete opportunities for young people to use their new knowledge and hone their skills while working with experienced activists.

Through this combination of intensive training and mentorship, SFT has equipped hundreds of young people with the tools — both practical and theoretical — to play critical leadership roles not only in the Tibet movement, but in movements for social and environmental justice worldwide.

Free Tibet! Action Camp

Smiling faces at Free Tibet! Action Camp

Action Camp immerses participants in a comprehensive curriculum that includes the history and philosophy of applied nonviolence, grassroots organizing, campaign strategy, media advocacy, nonviolent direct action tactics, political theater, fundraising, and more.

The camp brings together student activists, Tibetan community organizers, and seasoned human rights campaigners from around the world for a week of workshops, presentations, and discussions to advance the goal of human rights and freedom for Tibet.

If celebration, inspiration, education, discussion, and action for the goal of a Free Tibet sounds good to you, Free Tibet! Action Camp is the place to be!

SFT Conferences

Discussion at an SFT Conference

SFT holds several regional conferences each year. These 2-3 days trainings give participants an overview of the basic principles of grassroots organizing, non-violent direct action and strategic planning. Conferences are also a great way for our members to connect with other SFT chapters in their region, and to plan for the year ahead.

National and regional conferences are sometimes easier to attend than a week-long camp. Although not as in-depth as an action camp, conferences are a great way to get training in campaign strategy, grassroots organizing, ‘Teaching Tibet,’ fundraising, media and more – skills that will make a big difference to the impact you can have for Tibet in your own community.

Conferences are also valuable as a way to meet fellow SFTers. It gives you a chance to share problems and successes you’ve had and to make contacts that will help you do better work for Tibet.

SFT aims to hold a conference in each region of the US once a year. Conferences and other trainings also happen regularly in Europe and Canada, and we hope to soon see conferences elsewhere around the world as well.

Email for more information about conferences.