Transforming our world
through nonviolent action

Welcome! You've reached the most action-packed page on the web, full of wonderful materials for your campus/community organizing! This page is meant to be a grassroots hub, where you can find tips, tricks, downloads, and how-to guides on everything from writing a press release to planning a nonviolent direct action.

Basic Chapter Materials

10 Quick facts about Tibet

Independent Tibet by Jamyang Norbu

Blank Sign-up Sheet

SFT Flyer (6x4")

SFT Brochure

Free Tashi Wangchuk - Full Page Flyer

Free Tashi Wangchuk - Half Page Flyer

Tashi Wangchuk Petition

Videos on our Facebook Page

Campaign & Organizing Tools

Strategic Planning

Teaching Tibet Handout

Direct Action Tips

Intro to Direct Action

Dealing with Police

Legal Support for a Small Action

Tibet Information

About Tibet

Independent Tibet by Jamyang Norbu

China's Favorite Propaganda on Tibet