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Breaking News: China Arrests 1000+ Tibetans Arrested Dam Project

February 24, 2024

Original article: Audio Recording Here
Author: Students For A Free Tibet Instagram

Over 1,000 Tibetans have been arrested by Chinese police in occupied Tibet for protesting the Chinese government’s construction of a dam that would displace 2,000+ Tibetans from their homes and further ravage Tibet’s environment.

Two Tibetans inside Tibet have risked their lives to send out recordings of the situation in Dege. With their permission, we share them here today.

Hundreds of Tibetans in Kham, Dege have been brutally attacked and arrested by Chinese police for protesting against a dam construction that will destroy six monasteries and at least two villages.

The dam would destroy the two villages of Upper Wonto and Shipa, as well as Wonto Monastery, which has Tibetan Buddhist murals from the 13th century, along with Yena, Khardho, Rabten, Gonsar, and Tashi Monasteries. 

All footage from the video was shared by Tibetans inside Tibet knowing the grave risk to their own lives. 

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