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Celebrate 25 Years of SFT With Us!

July 25, 2019

Join us this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of SFT’s founding! 25 years ago in New York City, a small group of Tibetans and Tibet-supporters came together to bring Students for a Free Tibet to life. Since our founding, SFT has grown into a formidable force against the Goliath of Chinese occupation and oppressive rule. Today, SFT has hundreds of chapters around the world: that’s something worth celebrating!

In honor of this major milestone, we are doing a #SFT25 countdown leading up to SFT’s 25th Anniversary event—Longsho Nite—to be held New York. Make sure to follow our countdown on Facebook and Instagram for updates and giveaways leading up to Longsho Nite 2019!

To kick off the countdown, we have a video message from John Hocevar, one of SFT’s founding members and the first Executive Director of SFT. John played a major role in shaping SFT into the powerhouse of grassroots youth activism that it is today.

Check out his video message:

John Hocevar Longsho Video Message

Join us at Longsho Nite 2019 to celebrate 25 years of SFT with John Hocevar and other SFT leaders from throughout the decades! Visit SFT online to get your ticket today. 

If you can’t make it to our celebration in person, please consider making a donation in honor of #SFT25 and help us meet our fundraising target. Our work is not done yet: your support will help SFT continue its training of new generation leaders, cultivation of an international network of chapters, and implementation of hard-hitting campaigns and high-profile non-violent direct actions for Tibet.

I look forward to seeing you there!