Empowering Youth Activists: Insights from SFT’s Midwest Conference – Students for a Free Tibet
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Empowering Youth Activists: Insights from SFT’s Midwest Conference

April 9, 2024

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And that’s a wrap on this year’s SFT Midwest Conference in Minnesota!

Youth activists from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Minnesota came together for a weekend of trainings in grassroots mobilization and strategic non-violence!

SFT Chicago, SFT Wisconsin, and SFT Minnesota board members led presentations and activities about Tibetan political prisoners and activists including Karma Samdrup, Dorje Tashi, and A-Nya Sengdra. These presentations highlighted their cases and pushed us to think deeper about our role in the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

Overall, this weekend was a reminder of the incredible young people of the Tibetan Movement and the countless opportunities to continue to stand in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet in meaningful and strategic ways.

Bhoe Gyalo!

If you’re interested in being more involved in our grassroots network and holding a conference or training in your area, please contact your local SFT chapter or email grassroots@studentsforafreetibet.org. If you are interested in donating to make it possible to hold more of these trainings please donate here!