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SFT Stands with Ukraine

February 25, 2022

All of us at Students for a Free Tibet are outraged at the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our hearts and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people as they courageously defend their nation. We are saddened that so many millions of people will suffer because of the authoritarian whims of a brutal dictator, including citizens of Russia who are taking action and speaking out to oppose this war. The international community must unite and take the strongest possible action to rebuke this unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation by an imperialistic global power. 

SFT Campaigns Associate, Lobsang Tseten, attended a rally for Ukraine in NYC

Today, it is the people of Ukraine who are in grave danger, but the threat that Putin poses to global peace and security threatens us all. Already, we are seeing Chinese government officials using this moment to promote the idea of invading democratic Taiwan, or what they falsely claim as “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan. The world can and must do more to prevent the normalization and expansion of anti-democratic regimes. For the sake of Ukraine, and for the safeguarding of democracy and peace in our world, SFT calls on freedom-loving people everywhere to do everything in their power to stand with Ukraine.