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SFT Statement on the 31st Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

June 4, 2020

Students and Youth Leaders at Tiananmen Square, 1989

Today, June 4, 2020 marks the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In the spring of 1989, Beijing erupted with the largest student-led pro-democracy demonstration which quickly spread to over 30 cities around China. On June 4, 1989, the CCP ordered Chinese troops and police to storm through Tiananmen Square, firing indiscriminately into crowds of students and protesters, making 6/4 one of the bloodiest massacres of peaceful protesters in history. 

Dorjee Tseten, Executive Director, Students for a Free Tibet said at a rally in Brooklyn, NY: “As we commemorate this important day, we stand in solidarity with and remember the sacrifices of the thousands of Chinese students and activists who fought for freedom and democracy. Our members and supporters from across the world are joining hands with Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, Hong Kongers, and Taiwanese to stand with Chinese Democracy movement. 

As the Coronavirus pandemic ravages the world, it is now more clear than ever before that the Chinese government’s authoritarian practices of censorship and repression endanger people everywhere. As we continue to stand with the Chinese Democracy movement, we call on all governments and global institutions to come together in solidarity during this crisis to ensure that freedom, democracy, and human rights are upheld.” 

See Dorjee Tseten’s full remarks here: