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May 22, 2019

Lhakar Academy - Tibetan School of Leadership & Change: 2011
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There are key moments in our lives which shape our future. For me, one such moment was eight years ago when I had the opportunity to attend Tibet Action Institute Lhakar Academy – Tibetan School of Leadership & Change program in Dharamsala.

At that time, I was new in my role as SFT-India’s National Director. Through this training I was able to meet and interact with several of the most experienced and strategic minds in the Tibet movement. I gained the confidence and skills to fully step into a leadership role and most importantly, my experience at Lhakar Academy inspired me to truly strive for excellence in all of my work for Tibet and this helped me get to where I am today.

I am excited and proud today to be able to work with the amazing team from Tibet Action in facilitating this same intensive and innovative training for the next generation of Tibetan leaders over the coming three weeks.

You can invest in the Tibetan Freedom Movement next generation of leaders by supporting Lhakar Academy – Tibetan School of Leadership & Change today.

Lhakar Academy will equip ten exceptional young Tibetan leaders from Washington, D.C., New York, Toronto, New Delhi, Mumbai and Dharamsala with an in-depth understanding of Tibet and China in the context of contemporary global politics and history, a keen knowledge of campaign strategy, tactics of resistance, media skills and secure communications technology.

These new generation leaders are already playing key roles in the Tibet movement through their leadership at SFT and within the global Tibetan youth movement, including SFT Canada’s Director, Sonam Chokey and Board Member, Chemi Lhamo, SFT India’s Director Rinzin Choedon along with Sonamtso and Pema Doma from SFT HQ.

Please support this innovative Tibetan leadership training program today.

Lhakar Academy is inspired by and modeled after similar programs used to train activists and grassroots leaders at the forefront of historic social change movements including the independence movement in India and the Civil Rights movement in the United States. These movements were successful in large part because they invested in training young people to become skilled, strategic and visionary leaders.

Through this intensive three-week training, students will learn directly from leading scholars, experts and activists. In addition to dynamic and interactive sessions with experts, participants’ learning experience is enhanced through readings and films related to Tibet, China, and nonviolent resistance.

I am extremely excited to stand shoulder to shoulder with this inspiring and powerful new generation of Tibetan leaders at the forefront of the Tibetan freedom movement. Please donate today and support this instrumental project for the future freedom of Tibet.



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Dorjee Tseten
Executive Director