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Tibet’s importance to the Global Climate Strike

September 20, 2019

Tibet at the Climate March in NYC
#TibetClimateCrisis at the Climate Strike in NYC
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Today, millions of young climate activists and movement allies took to the streets to demand meaningful climate action as part of the Global Climate Strike week taking place September 20-27. SFT staff, members, and supporters were in the streets, not only to echo these demands, but also to bring attention to the #TibetClimateCrisis.

Earlier this week, we released a video featuring two SFT interns, Nyima and Tsela, speaking with people about Tibet’s environment and China’s destruction of it. Watch it on Facebook. Their encounters are a reminder that Tibet is an integral part of the climate conversation and we must continue building awareness and demanding change.

We asked what people knew about climate change and Tibet…

Do you know about the "Third Pole"? Do you know how many people depend on Tibet's rivers?SFT interns Nyima & Tsela recently took to NYC parks to ask the public these questions and talk with folx about Tibet’s importance in the climate crisis conversation.The global climate strike starts Friday 9/20 in cities around the world! Join the climate strike – call on our world leaders to take action on the #TibetClimateCrisis! To find a climate strike near you, visit www.globalclimatestrike.net. ????: SFT HQ / Urgen Sherpa#GlobalClimateStrike

Posted by Students for a Free Tibet on Monday, September 16, 2019

We hope that you will join us in calling for global climate justice, and bring attention to China’s exploitation and destruction of Tibet. Below is an excerpt from our statement which outlines Tibet’s importance to the Global Climate Strike:

“At Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), we remain committed to our vision, in which we ‘aim to inspire and enable people, especially youth, to create a just and equitable world, free of oppression, in which there is respect for the earth and all living things.’ To do this, we feel that it is absolutely essential to engage in intersectional spaces with other like-minded frontline communities.

We believe that all frontline communities, including the people of Tibet, have a basic right to hold agency over the decisions that impact their homeland. Tibetans have nurtured, defended, and protected the land and water for millennia. We honor this ongoing stewardship and call on people around the world to join us in our demand for the protection and restoration of Tibet’s environment, and the immediate end to nomad displacement and mining of sacred Tibetan lands.”

Read the full statement on our website.

We are so inspired by all the young activists around the world who are leading the call for climate justice, and we hope you will take part in the Global Climate Strike too. Take to the streets to join a protest, organize an event, share important information about climate change with someone, donate to an organization that supports youth leadership, whatever it is, TAKE ACTION!