Why we are in DC today – a message from SFT Executive Director Dorjee Tseten – Students for a Free Tibet
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Why we are in DC today – a message from SFT Executive Director Dorjee Tseten

June 3, 2018

I am writing this message from Washington, DC. After months of preparation, we are just days away from the 2nd Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Round Table Conference. This year’s conference, taking place June 3 to 6, will host an excellent group of participants, including frontline youth leaders, organizers, and strategists from all three movements. We will be joined by some of the key leaders from Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, and the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

Over the years, we have witnessed the devastation caused by Xi Jinping’s authoritarian rule. Crackdowns have intensified against voices demanding freedom, democracy, and human rights. By amending the constitution to abolish term limits, Xi has shown his true colors. But resistance against China’s repressive colonialist policies continues to grow, not only in Tibet but also in China and its occupied territories. There is an increasing solidarity amongst these grassroots movements, led by a new generation of organizers.

This conference was created as a space for key young leaders to share skills, resources, and experiences, to build strategic alliances, and to develop a long-term vision for a coordinated effort to safeguard the right to freedom and democracy that is threatened by the CCP regime.

This is how we are going to create greater change – a unified people’s movement against Xi’s dictatorship. As history has taught us, even the most powerful of empires can be brought down by the united people.

We need your support in building this platform for Tibetan, Hongkonger, and Taiwanese movement leaders.

Please donate today to support this important project.

In Solidarity,

Dorjee Tseten
Executive Director