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Global Week of Action 2023

Mon, Jan 30, 2023 – Mon, Feb 5, 2024

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This event has passed.

SFT along with other Tibet groups will be launching a Global Week of Action against @thermofisherscientific a US-based company that is aiding and abetting the Chinese government in the mass theft of Tibetan DNA. Thermo Fisher Scientific has a responsibility to its shareholders and the wider international community to conduct proper due diligence and ensure that the company’s products are not used for repression. In the case of Tibet, Thermo Fisher has completely failed its responsibilities.

We need you. Together, we can hold @thermofisherscientific accountable by demonstrating that we stand for a world where human rights are the priority. Gear up your loudest voices, find a protest near you and follow @sft_international for a week of actions you can take.