March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day – Students for a Free Tibet
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Events    March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

Sun, Mar 10, 2019
Potala Palace
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On 10 March 1959, tens of thousands of Tibetans took to the streets of Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, rising up against China’s illegal invasion and occupation of their homeland. Every year thousands of Tibetans and their supporters take to the streets across the world to mark the anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day.


We REMEMBER those who have fallen and our Tibetan brothers and sisters who have continued to suffer under Chinese repression for the past 60 years.

We RESIST by demanding justice and freedom from China’s unrelenting campaign to wipe out the Tibetan identity through protest, action, and creative means.

Through our actions and advocacy there is no doubt that we will RETURN to Tibet one day!

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Dharamshala, India:

Toronto, Canada:

Taipei, Taiwan

Tokyo, Japan

Vancouver, Canada:

New York, USA

Ottawa, Canada (Taking/took place on Friday, March 1, 2019)

London, UK

Washington, D.C., USA

San Francisco, USA

Boston, USA

Minneapolis, USA

Amherst, USA

Edinburgh, UK

Zurich, Switzerland

Los Angeles, USA

Brussels, Belgium

Wellington, New Zealand

Kansas City, USA

Portland, USA

Louisville, USA

Frome, UK

Madison, USA

Stay tuned. We will be adding more to the list.