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Global Student Pledge: Thermo Fisher, Stop Stealing Tibetan DNA!

October 25, 2023

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We, the undersigned students, call on Thermo Fisher to immediately stop their sales of DNA testing kits, sequencers and other related products to police in occupied Tibet. 

We write this letter to express our grave concern over the use of Thermo Fisher Scientific equipment in science classrooms across the world. As the world’s largest bioinformatics company, Thermo Fisher is a near ubiquitous brand label on beakers, pipettes, microscopes, and more in classrooms across the world. 

At the same time, Thermo Fisher equipment is being used by the Chinese state police in Tibet to forcibly extract the genetic information of the Tibetan people that they have colonized. They have already collected over one million DNA samples from the Tibetan population through coercive tactics such as lining up school children in cafeterias without parents present or denying government benefits. 

China intends on creating the world’s largest DNA database of their so-called “ethnic minorities” that they have colonized in order to exert total control over them, and Thermo Fisher is helping them achieve this goal. 

With my signature, I pledge to take these actions until Thermo Fisher ensures that its equipment is not sold to the Chinese state police in Tibet, either directly or through 3rd parties. 

I pledge to:

EDUCATE myself and others about the reality of how American biotech giant Thermo Fisher Scientific is aiding and abetting the Chinese government in stealing Tibetans’ DNA

RAISE this concern with academic institutions that partner with Thermo Fisher, and with the broader scientific community. 

STAND with Tibetans who are being silenced by the Chinese government, and amplify the voices of Tibetans subjected to horrific biometric surveillance and unacceptable interference of the right to privacy and human rights.

By signing this pledge, we students are sending a message to Marc Casper, CEO of Thermo Fisher, and all decision-makers around the world that we will not remain silent as companies actively enable and profit from the Chinese government’s theft of Tibetan DNA.