Free Tibet! Action Camp – Students for a Free Tibet
Transforming our world
through nonviolent action

Free Tibet! Action Camp

Free Tibet! Action Camp is a week-long intensive training in the skills and strategies of nonviolent action and grassroots organizing for the current and future leaders of the movement for Tibetan independence. Camp will give you the skills to be a leader in the movement to free Tibet, and give you the energy to keep doing it for the next ten years!

Action Camp immerses participants in a comprehensive curriculum that includes the history and philosophy of applied nonviolence, grassroots organizing, campaign strategy, media advocacy, nonviolent direct action tactics, political theater, fund-raising, and more.

The camp brings together student activists, Tibetan community organizers, and seasoned human rights campaigners from around the world for a week of workshops, presentations, and discussions to advance the goal of human rights and freedom for Tibet.

If celebration, inspiration, education, discussion, and action for the goal of a Free Tibet sounds good to you, Free Tibet! Action Camp is the place to be!


MOVEMENT BUILDING: How to recruit and retain members, plan and run successful meetings, budget money, and coordinate events for your group.

ACTION PLANNING AND COORDINATION: This workshop will prepare participants to plan and coordinate strategic and effective nonviolent direct actions. Includes step-by-step process for choosing and planning actions, identifying roles, scouting locations, dealing with authorities, etc. Stories and pictures of past actions fill out the training.

NONVIOLENT ACTION: This workshop will focus on the history, philosophy, and techniques of nonviolent resistance. It will highlight examples of nonviolent direct action from the Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr., the Indian Freedom Struggle led by Gandhi, and the Burmese Democracy Movement led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

INTERNET SECURITY: How to use software and hardware tools and protocols to better secure and protect the work and information of activists. This workshop is particularly relevant due to the recent spate of cyber attacks on Tibetan activists.

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: How to develop strategic campaign goals, targets, and tactics. This workshop takes participants through a step-by-step strategic mapping process and includes how to evaluate campaign success and analyze organizational assets and challenges. Participants are given hands-on practice by using different strategic planning models.

MESSAGING & MEDIA COMMUNICATION: How to develop and refine messaging and sound bites. Participants undergo intensive interview practice, role-plays, and receive interview tips for print, electronic, TV, and radio media. They also learn creative and cutting-edge ways to spread messaging beyond traditional forms of media.